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Rock Slope Stabilisation

Llanrwst Catchfence

  • Client:
    Denbighshire County Council
  • Contractor:
  • Works Undertaken:
    survey of the existing wall
    site investigation
    letter report providing geotechnical options
    design of remedial works

Llechwedd Quarry

  • Client:
    Greaves Welsh Slate Ltd
  • Contractor:
    Greaves Welsh Slate
  • Works Undertaken:
    site visit
    slope stability assessment
    recommendations on working methods

Deganwy Castle

  • Client:
    Colin Jones (Rock Engineers) Ltd.
  • Contractor:
    Volker Steel Foundations
  • Works Undertaken:
    identifying the high-low risk areas
    design of rock bolts/dowels
    identifying where the bolts/dowels need to be located to gain maximum stability