Project Sheet: Ulleskelf Remedial Works



  • Yorkshire Water


  • Transcore

Works Undertaken

  • Site investigation & drainage survey
  • Design of remedial work using earthworks and reno mattresses
  • Drainage improvement works
  • Preparation of contract documents and contract management
  • Preparation of pre-construction information, undertaking principal Designer duties

Description of Project

A landslide occurred on the river bank at the rear of properties on the River Wharfe in September 2014. A water main burst in the main road in front of the properties. In order to control the water, it was pumped into a nearby road gully, which was thought to discharge into the River Wharfe. Following the landslide, a drainage survey was undertaken, which proved that the drain terminated within cohesive soils in the riverbank, and did not discharge into the river. Therefore, the build up in water pressures in the soil caused the landslide.

The preferred remedial option comprised excavation of the front of the slipped mass and replacing it with coarse granular material with the front of the river bank protected with Reno mattresses. The drainage was repaired and extended to discharge into the River Wharfe.

The site prior to the remedial works
The site prior to the remedial works
The site following completion of the works
The site following completion of the works

Roles & Responsibilities

Groundsolve Ltd designed and supervised the site investigation, along with organising and supervising the drainage survey. An Options Report was produced, which considered both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ engineering solutions, which included sheet piling and earthworks. The earthworks solution was chosen so the river could be returned to its natural state. GroundSolve Ltd prepared the design for the works including the production of the Designers Risk Register.

GroundSolve Ltd prepared the contract documents and administered the contract. They also undertook the role of Principal Designer, which included the preparation of the Pre-Construction Information on behalf of the client, liaison with the Contractor including site meeting to review the proposed working methods in potentially dangerous site conditions.

GroundSolve Ltd produced the as-built drawings along with Health & Safety File on completion of the works.

New Culvert headwall and apron
New Culvert headwall and apron
Completed Works
Completed Works